Restaurant Koper


restaurant koper


How it started

We have had the desire to start a restaurant together for quite a few years. We both grew up in Hoofddorp, but after having lived in Haarlem for many years now, we may call ourselves real ‘Muggen’. We met at the Oude Groenmarkt. Living together in Haarlem since 2011, married and now our own restaurant!

When the unique opportunity to start this restaurant in the heart of Haarlem came up, we grabbed it with both hands.

More about

Bas & Daisy

Bas could always be found in the kitchen from an early age. As a kid he cooked with his grandmother and even then he knew that he wanted to be a chef. After finishing his chef’s training he has gained years of experience in all different types of restaurants. Also has he started up from scratch entirely new kitchens.

His kitchen is a mix of classical and modern cooking. He gets his inspiration from various international flavours and gives his own personal twist tot hem.



Daisy Noordhuis-de Moor has held various positions in the hospitality industry. She knows better than anyone what the word hospitality stands for. In recent years her interest in wine has grown more and more. By now she has gained a lot of knowledge and , as icing on the cake, has recently obtained her first wine certificate ‘SDEN-3’. In combination with her passion for wines, this ensures that she is always looking for surprising wines and beautiful wine-food combinations. 

We are looking forward to
bringing our expertises together in our restaurant.